DataPlot - graph Your data

New! Function for handling data from Grant datalogger SQ2020, exported format.

A program where You can import Your time based data and graph it. For example You can import a textfile from instruments or Your own written data.

Please download latest version below. There is some test files included or try it with exported data from for example Excel.

Samples. Please click on image to enlarge.

Technical details:

  • Import data written in text format. Extension doesn´t matter.
  • Convert Your data from one unit to another.
  • Presents up to 1-4 graphs on one page.
  • Move easily back and forward in user defined time window. Print or save quickly.
  • Allow individual time setting for each graph.
  • Zooming with mouse or set axis manually.
  • Save charts as jpg, bmp or png image files.
  • Print current graph directly.
  • Values read directly in graph by dragging mouse over the curve.
  • Template functions for working with intermittently data files.

Samples. Please click on image to enlarge.

Download latest DataPlot (v1.11). File size is approx. 600kB. Click here to start.

In the software "File" menu, use the "Import Example" for a quick way to check out this software.

Fore more information:


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